Early Myths: Greek Myth Books for Kids

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Our new hardback book: Early Myths Collection Vol. 1

Containing the first 10 myth books in our Early Myths series:
Perseus, Jason, Odysseus, Atalanta, Herakles, Theseus, Persephone, Bellerophon, Helen and Prometheus.

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Early Myths: Award Winning Greek Myth Books for Kids
Early Myths is a series of beautifully illustrated picture books telling the stories of the Greek heroes and gods. We have brought the Greek myths to life for young children, still holding on to the oldest ingredients from the past.

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Our books are carefully crafted tales, telling the oldest stories from 2,500 years ago. Each book follows one of our heroes or gods on their adventures and is told in an accessible and educational manner. Every image created by our artist is based on an ancient work of art or sourced from original classical literature.

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Book Awards: 11 Books, 26 Awards

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About Our Books

11: Achilles
Achilles is the story of the greatest warrior that ever lived. Raised on the hillsides of Greece by a centaur, he travels to Troy to fight in the battle for Queen Helen. But when tragedy strikes, he fights gods and heroes, which leads to him becoming a legend of the Greek world.… Learn more

10: Prometheus
The tale of a powerful god who helped to overthrow his fellow Titans and raise Zeus up to rule the skies. But when he stole fire to help mankind, Zeus punished him. Can anyone rescue Prometheus and bring peace to Mount Olympus?… Buy Now

9: Helen
Born from a magical egg, Helen is the daughter of Zeus and has a most unusual start to life. But she is no ordinary princess as draws the attention of leaders and kings throughout Greece. Mixed up in the meddling of the gods, her journey to the city of Troy and her escape back to Greece is a tale of love, magic, adventure and family… Buy Now

8: Bellerophon
Bellerophon is the tale of a young hero who is banished from his home and sent away to live with a local king. But after a disagreement he is told to complete a set of challenges, including battling with the ferocious Chimera and taking on two armies! With the help of the winged-horse Pegasus he becomes one of the greatest heroes in Greece, but has he gone too far… Buy Now

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7: Persephone
With a special foreword by author, actor and comedian, Stephen Fry
Persephone is the daughter of the goddess of nature, Demeter who grows up in the forests of Greece, only to be whisked away by Hades, the love-struck god of the Underworld. Demeter roams across the earth in search of her daughter and a solution must be found- should Persephone return to her old life or can there be a balance between the world above and Persephone’s new role below? Buy Now

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6: Theseus
Theseus is the story of a young hero who must overcome obstacles to meet his father, then sail away to take on the legendary Minotaur. But these are only the start of his troubles, as he returns back to his home and a new role: Buy Now

5: Herakles
Herakles tells the tale of one of the strongest heroes who takes on twelve great Labours, battling with monsters, controlling rivers, wrestling with lions, visiting the Underworld and challenging the warrior Amazons: Buy Now

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4: Atalanta
Atalanta is the story of a young hero who refuses to accept convention. She takes on and beats the greatest of the heroes, but falls in love with a man who sees her as an equal. Atalanta is a tale of adventure, challenges, magic and love: Buy Now

3: Odysseus
Our tale of the hero who reluctantly departs from home and meets creatures, witches, gods and nymphs on his adventures across the seas. Victorious at the great Trojan War, Odysseus overcomes the odds to make it home, driven on by the hope that he will see his wife and son once again: Buy Now

2: Jason and the Golden Fleece
Read about the young man who challenges a king to win back the throne for his family. Jason gathers the greatest heroes together and sets sail to win the legendary golden fleece. Along the way he faces the dangerous Harpies, fire-breathing bulls and a bronze giant: Buy Now

1: Perseus
Perseus is a tale of the young Greek hero and his adventures. He is banished from his home and takes on an amazing journey to the far edges of the world, to confront the Gorgon Medusa. Along the way Perseus battles with a sea-monster, rescues the princess Andromeda and returns to meet the old king who doubted that he would ever become a hero: Buy Now